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Updated 2019-04-10

Ze Zavannens Kennel - Sweden

Champagne litter



Ze Zavannens Napoléon


Ze Zavannens Pol Roger


Ze Zavannens Dom Pérignon


Ze Zavannens Louis Roederer


Ze Zavannens Love And Bubbles


Ze Zavannens Veuve Cliquot


Ze Zavannens Moet O Chandon


Ze Zavannens Amour De Deutz


Ze Zavannens Bollinger Rosé





Born: 26-06-2017
Dam: Ze Zavannens Casa Mia Tintoretto

Litter page at Ze Zavannens

Puppy photos:

Updated 2019-07-04

Kennel Makucha - Denmark

A litter



Makucha Asante Ajamu Mahan by Ajabu


Makucha Asante Alfa Asali by Ajabu


Makucha Asante Cuba by Ajabu


Makucha Asante Kanga by Ajabu


Makucha Asante Kiboko by Ajabu


Makucha Asante Kifaru by Ajabu


Makucha Asante Kuwa by Ajabu




Makucha Asante Azizi by Ajabu


Makucha Asante Chui by Ajabu


Makucha Asante N'yah by Ajabu





Born: 19-04-2017
Dam: Bitte-Nus Laini Penya

Kennel Makucha on Facebook

Puppy photos:


Djungelkattens Kennel - Sweden

V II litter



Djungelkattens VII Vanillha Ajabu


Djungelkattens VII Valetta Ajabu


Djungelkattens VII Vezzla Ajabu


Djungelkattens VII Vilja Ajabu



Born: 21-09-2016
Dam: Ulon Hills Lea The First Alfa

Litter page at Djungelkatten's Kennel

Puppy photos:




Updated 2019-07-04

Djungelkattens Kennel - Sweden

U II litter



Djungelkattens U II Ulano Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Uno Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Unbeatableleon Ajabu






Djungelkattens U II U-Alfa Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II U-Diva Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Ujaba Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Ultrafina Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Undra Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Unica Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Ursula Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Utopia Ajabu


Djungelkattens U II Uzzi Ajabu





Born: 16-05-2016
Dam: Ulon Hills Lea The First Alfa

Litter page at Djungelkatten's Kennel

Puppy photos:



Kennel Thukela - Denmark

C litter



Thukela Chikozi Of Ajabu

Chikozi = 'This one is from God'

Thukela Coffie Of Ajabu

Coffie = 'Born on a friday'

Thukela Cheko Of Ajabu

Cheko = 'Calm'

Thukela Chifu Of Ajabu

Chifu = 'Chief'

Thukela Chipo Of Ajabu

Chipo = 'Gift'




Thukela Chacha Of Ajabu

Chacha = 'Strong'

Thukela Cheja Of Ajabu

Cheja = 'Holiday'

Thukela Chaniya Of Ajabu

Chaniya = 'Rich'

Thukela Chasasa Of Ajabu

Chasasa = 'Pearl'

Thukela Chanjanuka Of Ajabu

Chanjanuka = 'Happy'

Thukela Chisisi Of Ajabu

Chisisi = 'Secret'

Thukela Chenzira Of Ajabu

Chenzira = 'Born whilst travelling'



Born: 25-03-2016
Dam: Soweto Bonolo Zola

Zola's titles:
LP1 = Obedience level 1
RBM = Rally Novice level
RØM = Rally Experienced level

Litter's page at Kennel Thukela

Puppy photos:


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