Updated 10th Februar 2021

Hazinas 11th litter

Mating expected Spring 2021.

About our 11th litter

We are very excited about this litter. We believe that Halima and Lewis complements eachother realy well, and that their puppies will be excellent family dogs.

And our 11th litter should of course have a name staring with the 11th letter in the alphabet: K. So our choice was Kalahari - as in Kalahari Dessert, an area of 900,000 sq.m. covering 70% of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa - and of course also Rhodesia (today called Rhodesia). And the Kalahari Dessert is often mentioned in the litterature about our breed.

"Kalahari Dreams" reminds us of bliss and memories of the early African Rhodesian Ridgebacks, who contributed to the birth of our breed.

Finding a stud

Normally we look wide around to find the perfect stud for our girls, but the Corona pandemic has made things rather difficult. Pehaps we can't travel abroad, or cross the border to get home, when Halima is ready for mating. Therefore, we have looked in contries close to Denmark, so we can travel quickly.

Ok - Holland is not one of our nabour countries, but yet close. The Northern part is just as close as Northern Germany, so we feel this is ok. Especially as we indirectly came across the Dutch RR stud, Lewis, and we had to take a closer look on this lovely boy.

We studied his website and his 6 litters at various breeders and after taht we contacted his owner. And then we were on track. Not only did Lewis comply with our wishes for a future stud: Healthy and fit with an excellent temperament. We also find him extremely beautiful and a perfect fit for Halima.

Baby Halima:
Baby Lewis:

Lidt om Lewis

Lewis is born on 4th October 2017 at the German breeder Sarah Polk who owns the kennel Njia Jamaa. And when he was old enough to leave his mummy he travelled to Leonie and her family in Holland. They already have a male RR, Bentley, and the two boys hit it off. We have seen video clips and pictures of the boys having a great time playing and sleeping together.

Lewis is a healthy, friendly and wellbalanced male who is relaxed with other dogs.

* * * * * * * * *

Leonie tells us about Lewis:

"Lewis is born on 04-10-2017 in a litter of 6 males and 6 females.
The Granddad of Lewis is Amazing Little Shane van Ekongo Kaross. Shane comes from a TG sperm insemination and was born 19 years after his father's death. Crownwood Tunja, a livernose bitch imported from South Africa, whose pedigree is not yet widespread in Germany, was chosen for this exceptional mating. After a long search, the excellent breed type, the necessary health and fertility were found in it to enable the old Shane to make a breeding comeback.

About Shane’s father, the federal champion and Lux. Ch. "Shane at Makaranga", 1979 imported from Rhodesia, Shane is a half brother of Multi-Ch. Makaranga Famous Chaka and Multi-Ch. Makaranga Eldorado as well as great-grandson of the legendary SA & Rhod. Website Shane, click here.

Lewis is a dog with energy, cannot get tired outside but inside he is relax. He loves water and enjoys swimming. He is an easy dog who listens well, is always happy and always wants to play with everyone.  He has a self-assured stable character and gets along with children well.

We hope to enjoy Lewi's company for many years to come!

* * * * * * * * *

We expect from this litter

Halima and Lewis are both calm and frindly with the best temperament. So we expect some realy good family dogs from this combination.

On the basis of Halima's and Lewis' gene test, we do not expect any puppies with livernose. However, we do expect all puppies to have ridge, i.e. no ridgeless puppies.

Neither Halima nor Lewis are carriers of any of the diceases that we gene test for in our breed, and they have the best x-ray results in hips (HD:A/A), Elbows (ED:0/0) and shoulders (OCD: Free).

We expect from our puppy buyers

  1. We expect that you give your dog lots of TLC (tender, loving care) .

  2. We expect that you attend puppy and youth obedience training and after that some form of dog activitoes. IMPORTANT: The time you invest in training and socialization the first 2-3 years, you will get back tenfold.

  3. We expect that you get your dog x-rayed in hips, elbows and shoulders between the age 1½-2 years old, and that your veterinary sends the x-ray photos to the proper establishment (in Denmark the Danish Kennel Club) for an official evaluation.

  4. We expect that you contact us, if you have any questins at any time.

  5. We expect that if you are up against any kind of problem, you will contact us immediately, so that it affects your dog as little as possible.

When we meet, we will tell you about dysplacia and why it is very important to detect and prevent at an early stage. Furtunately dysplacia is not a problem in our breed in Denmark, and kennel Hazinas has a very good statistik. We believe that it is important to know that dysplacia can be both inherited and environmentally related. So even though both parents are free from dysplacia, a wrong environment, diet or excessive activation of a puppy can cause development of dysplacia.

When we meet we will also tell you about the Dansk Kennel Clubs mental evaluation of young dogs (UHM-Unghunde-mentalbeskrivelse). A very exciting experience. You will meet with 7-9 other RR owners and get an evaluation of you dogs mental state and you will become more aware of how your dog reacts in different situation. A fun day for all.

IMPORTANT INFO: We are here for you your dogs entire life, giving advice, guidance and help. We are just a telephone call away or a texted message.

Our females behind this litter

5 generations:

Tiwa Zibu Fika Naya Halima

(klik på navnene for at komme til avlstævernes egne sider)

It all started with Tiwa (Halima's great-great-grandmother) who was Kennel Hazinas' first female in our breeding programme. We have a straight line of 5 generations of females, and we believe that this gives us an advantage.

We have seen what lies in the genes during our journey through these 5 generations, and we feel we have so much control that can be expected. We cannot map out the genes, but we have a rather good feeling about them because we have followed our females through 20 years of breeding. And by using well-balanced males with the best temperament we feel that we contribute to our breed with some good family dogs.

Our females are all mentally tested. And our litters are always mentally tested when they are 7-8 weeks old, so that we can find the best match between the puppies and the puppy buyers and their family and.

OBS: Halima has not been mentally tested yet, due to the Corona pandemic, but it is planned to take place as soon as they open up again.

When you buy a puppy from us

Here at Hazinas we focus the most on making good family dogs. Health and temperament is our main priority. and as all puppies in Denmark are sold as family dogs, even though they also become obedience, show or working dogs, we want to send out in the big world puppies with the best temperament.

As mentioned above, we know our females very well, and we make a huge effort to find friendly RR studs, who match our females perfectly. And we breed under the standard and towards the African type.

When you buy a puppy from us you will get a range of extras, e.g. health certificate, Dermoid Sinus check, food for the first periode of time, collar, toys, blanket, and the puppies will be socialized with children, other dogs, transport in a car, etc. and have been out walking with collar and leach.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lena on +45 3023 1450.

Pedigree of the puppies

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